Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aham Brahmasmi

So I am back after a long gap. Seen a lot, been through a lot and now's the time to express.
In the year that passed by, I came across quite a few characters who believe they are the best. There were those who claimed knowledge through rudeness, those who used people and politics to get things done, those who worked their asses off just to prove themselves useful, those who were butt lickers, those who seemed seriously concerned about you, and many more. The funny part was that each one "thought" his/her efforts were most genuine. Today's world has become a rat race not to achieve goals but to achieve different levels of acceptance and appreciation. I am reminded of Aamir's dialogue in 3 idiots that when one strives to follow true knowledge, success shall follow at some stage. But does it take into account today's political nonsense ?

Saturday, October 09, 2010


When the society president told me with pride that they have purchased good quality sound systems, I didn't think it would be so important to them. Yes, it is Garba time, and I witnessed it for the first time. After the melodious aarti and the yummy prashad, it was time to start dancing. The music was started and people started slowly swaying to the music. Interestingly, the president, was the first one to start dancing. Soon he was joined by the other men, and very soon the circle grew with ladies, young girls and kids chipping in. 

It is amazing to see how different people dance in different styles and yet not go out of the rhythm! All the uncles were taking smaller steps and making bigger body movements. The ladies, all decked up and pretty danced like pros, since they have probably been doing it perfectly for ages. And then there was this group of three  women who were improvising the repetitive step in every circle. And then there were the younger girls, who were very competitively decked up by their moms, and trained in not making mistakes in the step, and one could feel the caution and the conscious efforts they were making. Toddlers and kiddos were pushed inside the circle and they were making their own efforts to dance and enjoying the sight of their mamas and papas dancing away to glory.
What a wonderful and colourful sight!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I try to search for the house that I lived, in the first few years of my life, in Jayanagar, Bangalore in Google maps. I do not know if it even exists or has been demolished to be replaced by an apartment complex. I don't even have clear images of the house in my mind - I was there between '82 and '86. I have a hazy memory of my pre-school years and a kannada speaking friend - and I spoke fluent kannada too!

Then, from the exceedingly spacious house in Jayanagar, we moved to smaller yet decent CPWD quarters, near Domlur Junction, close to the airport. I could find it quite easily on Google maps. It was here that I made a different set of friends, some of them quite older, and it was here that I was introduced to my first Amitabh Bachchan movie, my first Jackie Chan movie and my first Chiru movie. I was a champion in cricket and skating, and had an envious collection of Hotwheels cars.

It was here that I caught on the craze for comics, both hindi and english. Superman, Spiderman, Chacha Chowdary, Archies, and many more!! One of my older friends (for some reason I remember having called him Ganesh anna) was an expert in riding his bike on steps and we 7 year-olds used to gape in awe when he rode it all the way from his apartment on the first floor to the road !!!

I remember the day I refused to brush my teeth, and was duly punished for that. I remember the day I had my first omelet in Reddy uncle's house for breakfast. My first summer holiday movie was the Amitabh starrer "Khoon Pasina" - I remember trying to ape his stunts after the movie. My first Chiru movie wad "Naagu", in which he drives a truck loaded with fancy guns - I remember having fantasized that pickup truck .

And then, I remember my grandma's treatment from a paralytic stroke, very painful days for all of us! I also remember playing with my cute sister, who was equally mischievous! I remember having so much fun !!!!!!!!


This is India.
Men strip women on streets,
because they are tribals,
and the police just watch,
like silent animals.

This is India.
Home to the homeless,
and records being set,
for the cost of homes.

This is India.
People fight like dogs,
on power and religion.
Nobody cares,
how many died.

This is India.
Cricketers dance on screen,
Actors pose with bats,
And the news is all about,
the old dancing queen.

This is India.
Flights are delayed,
by days and not hours,
and wonder why they
are financially frayed.